Alexandria Harrel: SHIFTING THERAPY

I perform a unique type of energetic medicine that applies to both humans and animals. This therapy offers an opportunity for healing to take place on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

I provide hands-on and remote healing treatments, as well as the opportunity for interested clients to learn to develop their own healing ability. I love working with horses; however, I also work with people, dogs and cats with equal success. Any living creature is a candidate for this type of healing.

After many years of self-guided research and countless hours of classes with top professionals in the field, I began to realize that I could offer my clients the opportunity to make energetic shifts of which the professionals were not even aware. I also knew that without that shift, very little of what they did would initiate an effective and lasting healing process for the client. As a result of the shift, clients release energetic blocks which are the root cause of their problems, and their body begins a process of finding its way back to where it naturally wants to be.

Just like people, animals have mental and emotional bodies that need to be in balance in order to contribute their part in the holistic wellbeing of the individual. Through prayer and divine communication, I am able to become a channel for healing frequencies that are uniquely suited for the situation. These frequencies come through my hands. In essence, I become a conduit linking them to their creator. At that point, their body’s energy field connects with the infinite wisdom and intelligence of their creator, and they take it from there. I don’t determine what needs to be done, I simply get them to the meeting so to speak and they do the rest. The beauty of this process is everyone gets exactly what they need and exactly what they are ready for in their own divine timing. It’s never too much, too little, too soon or too late!

What is Shifting?

A quantum healing technique that allows the spirit and body to self correct. Especially effective and helpful:

  • When professionals are unable to identify the cause of the symptoms.
  • Not responding to treatment
  • Lacking vitality
  • Chronic pain from age, past trauma
  • Toxins
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Confusion
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Mysterious ailments
  • Just ain’t right


When the individual is out of alignment with themselves and their environment, the body will ultimately reflect that misalignment one way or another, and that’s when the problems begin to become apparent. They can manifest physically, such as mysterious, undiagnosed lameness issues or other chronic problems. Training difficulties in previously very willing, cooperative individuals are common. The issues can also be mental and emotional presenting themselves as undesirable behaviors, for example: aggression, fearfulness, anxiety, depression, etc.

When an animal is suddenly not them self anymore, there is always a reason whether it’s obvious to us or not. They don’t deliberately decide to find ways to disappoint or anger us. They are highly intelligent and just want to be comfortable and at peace. They communicate the best they can with their limited resources, and because we’ve become so far removed from that natural form of communication, we struggle to interpret them. We rely entirely on words and overlook the obvious. Sometimes, it’s very subtle and we’re simply too close to the situation to read it.

I feel strongly, that as the most important human in our animal’s life, it’s our job to be aware of their discomfort and do what we can to help them resolve it. Abuse is never the answer. Medication and surgery are not always the answers either. I am especially suspicious when the professional can’t tell me what the problem is, yet is insistent on beginning treatment involving dangerous, cancer causing, organ destroying medications which they claim will be necessary for the rest of the patients’ lives. Often these drugs are given prior to receiving test results confirming the “guess work” diagnoses with devastating consequences.

In many cases, diet is the problem and consequently an important and essential part of the cure.

As much as I enjoy working with the animals in person, some of the most profound healings take place when done remotely. There are fewer sensory distractions for me. Being an empath, I can sometimes be overwhelmed with too much physical input and it dilutes my focus. When I work remotely, there’s no mind, no ego to interfere, just pure energy.

During live sessions, once the energetic part is addressed, I’m guided to certain areas of their bodies and my hands know what to do. It’s not something I can explain, it’s all feel at that point. I just get still and follow the feel. The first session usually lasts about an hour and a half and can involve some hands-on bodywork including some basic stretches to help the body realign through soft tissue releases. As they begin to respond, their bodies “re-member” themselves. It’s sort of like being in water, the energy field that’s created, facilitates the process for them. It makes it easier for things on all levels to move. As I hold that space, they re-member at their own pace. My overall goal is postural correction, that’s when I see the light in their eyes become more brilliant, and their vitality level soars. Then I know they’re on their way to recovery. The healing process will continue to unfold over the next 30 days or so, and that’s when the shift really becomes apparent.

I follow up by checking in periodically over the next few days and tap in lending more support if needed. Depending on the situation, sometimes it only takes one session, sometimes 3-5. Often times, the sessions can be done remotely after the initial treatment. Generally, the physical bodywork only requires one treatment and it’s really helpful if the owner will become involved or appoint someone the animal feels safe with to do some easy follow up movements with them. Just like yoga, they need to move their bodies in ways they don’t normally in their daily life in order to create space and maintain circulation in specific areas. Just a little goes a long way, and the payoff is enormous. I know how much of a difference doing just a little something either daily, or several times a week makes to my body. Animals are meant to be in motion by design, so if their movement is restricted in any way, they end up with the same aches and pains for the same exact reasons we do!

An added bonus, and my favorite part of the whole process is the very special relationship that develops when I help them feel better. The appreciation and gratitude reflected in their behavior towards me is undeniable. It is the beginning of a beautiful new emotional experience that I never before imagined.

The purity of love that animals are capable of is rarely found in the human kingdom and is well worth the effort of pursuing.

It Works!

"When I see the light in their eyes become more brilliant, and their vitality level soars, then I know they’re on their way to recovery."


November 2018

This Thanksgiving, we have much to be grateful for - Alex saved the lives of two of our beloved cougars. One had injured her leg and the other was suffering from arthritis, and both had stopped eating. After a remote session followed up by an in-person session, they both are back to normal and are eating, playing and enjoying life. The arthritic male is again able to jump up onto his perch and has been making happy noises that we've never heard him make since we rescued him a couple of years ago. After barely moving for a week, the injured female is now purring up a storm and eating everything in her bowl, and moving around without pain. Alex's abilities are truly remarkable, and we are incredibly fortunate that she came into our lives when she did. We have no doubt that Alex's energy sessions made all the difference in bringing our cougars back to vigorous health and happiness.

- Bruce & Erika Capin

A few months back our 14 1/2-year-old dog became the sickest she had been in her whole life and she is a cancer survivor. We were at the Vet 3 times that week and also had a phone consult. We mustered up the courage to ask our vet if it was "time". I even had a dog coffin in my cart on Amazon. It was that bad.  Well a Facebook friend heard my cry for prayers and told me Alex would be on her "show". I was so blessed by her caring action. She got us on and Alex sent Healing Energy to Gizmo and gave us some tips on what else might help. We started to see a turnaround in a few hours. We contacted her and hired her for Healing Energy Work. I knew every time she was "working" on her as our little darling would perk up and her eyes would get brighter!  Today and everyday Gizmo is better than she has been in years!!! We are amazed and I tell everyone about Alex and her great gifts. She is the kindest, smartest woman I have ever had the pleasure to know. I am so pleased with her work I am now having sessions with her an am having miraculous results. Over the last 7 years I myself have worked with many healers and even had taken our dog when she had her cancer removal surgery to a Shaman and to Reiki masters NO ONE - not one has given us the results Alex has. I cannot recommend her enough.

Thank you Alex for blessing us so
Lisa Marie and Sweet Gizmo

Alex’s passion for healing others and evolving permeates everything that she does. We met at a horse rescue that I volunteered at where she volunteered her time working with many of the horses and other animals offering them her healing energy and gentle touch to those who were in pain or discomfort. Not only is she a very gifted energy worker that has wonderful healing abilities, but I was also amazed by her insights and senses that allow her to see or know when an animal has a physical problem or is in pain that other people may have overlooked or dismissed.
Because of my background in massage and body work with humans, she quickly started encouraging me to apply the skills that I already possessed as well as mentoring me with her immense knowledge. I am truly thankful for the profound amount of wisdom and information that she has shared with me which has since inspired me and opened the doors for healing animals as being part of my life now too.

Julie Nelson

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